About Us

 Our Family Story

About eight years ago we opened a craft shop in Ambleside in the North of England. It was very successful, we sold a wide range of Yarns, Patterns, Buttons, Craft Supplies and Handmade Jewellery. 

Unfortunately, our son Michael( 16 years old) had a brain injury whilst playing football(soccer). This resulted in him being in a coma for nearly a month in an intensive care unit. Due to the severe nature of his injury we had to close our shop and put all our efforts into helping him recover.
We obviously needed money to survive, so we started online selling from home, all the stock from our shop. This grew into the business we have today and is now our main outlet for our crafts.
I am thrilled to say, Michael has made a near full recovery and six years on has started University and is currently in the USA teaching kids soccer .

The Bead and Button Company  is a family company based in the North of England. David, Anne and Annabelle Cartmell. And Ruth and Bryan-sister and brother of Anne.

On our website you will find the biggest and best selection of beads, buttons, jewellery supplies, knitting patterns and other craft supplies to tempt the most demanding crafter!

The Bead and Button Company aim to provide the best customer service, the best prices and the best product range, all supported by passionate and enthusiastic members of staff. Currently, our product range includes over 5,000 lines and is growing daily!

Thank you for your support!

The Cartmell Family